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[ブレイクニュース]言論仲裁委員会「鄭明析(チョン・ミョンソク)JMS総裁 性的暴力疑惑報道」反論報道を調整


言論仲裁委員会がJTBCニュースルームが報道したキリスト教福音宣教会(CGM:仮称JMS)の鄭明析(チョン・ミョンソク)総裁 女性信徒 性暴行疑惑報道に対して反論報道決定を下した。




JTBCは「鄭明析(チョン・ミョンソク)総裁が女性信徒 性暴行事件で満期出所した後、再び性暴行疑惑で警察捜査線上に上がった」として、「宗教的に洗脳して性暴行を正当化した」という被害者側の主張と肉声録音記録などを土台に報道した。










Lieutenant Eon also adjusted the counterargument report on JTBC’s “Report on alleged sexual violence by JMS President Chung Myung-seok.”


The Media Arbitration Commission decided to counter-argument the report on the alleged sexual violence by Chung Myung-seok, president of the Christian Evangelical Mission (CGM), reported by the JTBC Newsroom.


Earlier, JTBC Newsroom reported on allegations of sexual violence by President Chung Myung-seok from July 11 to 22.


JTBC reported based on the victim’s claim that “President Chung Myung-seok was released from prison for sexual assault and was again on charges of sexual assault,” adding, “He was religiously brainwashed to justify sexual violence.”


In response, the mission submitted an application for mediation to JTBC on the 2nd of last month, claiming that “only the logic and claims of A, the leader of the anti-communist mission, were biased.”


On the 26th of last month, the Media Arbitration Commission decided on the mediation agreement to publish a counterargument report on JTBC containing the position of the Christian Evangelical Church.


There were eight reports subject to adjustment, including “[exclusive] Jeong Myung-seok’s fostering file, sexual assault ruling and ‘flattering’ 13 years ago,” and “the police, Jeong Myung-seok’s belated summons even after securing the ‘sexual violence situation’,” and posted a counterargument report at the bottom of the article.


The mission stressed that President Chung is faithfully responding to the police investigation and explained that the entire context of President Chung’s remarks in the transcript released by JTBC is intended to explain the doctrine of the mission, not the sexual violence situation.

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